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Cathy Mahady, Mia Bellas Candle Director

Cathy Mahady
Emerald Director
Team Leader and
Business Coach

Top Sponsor

Minneapolis, MN

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Mia Bella's Candles -  Cathy's VIP Group

Welcome to MiaBellasGourmetCandles.com!
Independent Distributor, Cathy Mahady


Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Scent-Sations, Inc. featuring
Mia Bella Candles; clean burning scented gourmet candles.

  Are you looking for a Home Based Business?

  Are you looking for a Candle Business in particular?

            Are you looking for someone who can successfully coach
       you in developing your own Home Based Candle Business?

Great, let me show you why I believe you have come to the right place, at the right time. I want to share with you information about:

  • The product ==> Mia Bella Candles
  • The company ==> Scent-Sations, Inc.
  • The team ==> Light Your Dream Team
  • and myself ==> Cathy Mahady, as a potential business partner for you


Scent-Sations, Inc. is a solid company with unique, consumable product lines with a low cost of entry in several expanding multi-billion-dollar industries at the front of a trend toward healthier alternatives.


Clean Burning Candles!
We are Mia Bella Candles

We offer Mia Bella's Candles, gourmet scented candles made of natural wax. This proprietary alternative natural wax burns evenly, is non-toxic, and is essentially soot-free (so not a ton black stuff on your jars, walls, carpets, or lungs). A dream for avid candle users.

Then to top it off, we have the most incredibly realistic scents. So much so that you will be able to almost 'taste' the flavor of that Hot Apple Pie.

"Yesterday I threw out all my other scented candles. I had a massive collection of them from many manufacturers. I now feel that Mia Bella's Candles are the only candles worth burning." ~ Sandra, CT

Mia Bella Candles represents the first innovation in candle making in 150 years! It IS the Cutting Edge and signifies the newest technology in the alternative candle market.


A Company with Integrity!
We are Scent-Sations, Inc.

"Everyone is looking for an opportunity for a better way of life. Our company is an opportunity that is affordable for everyone. An awesome product coupled with a great business plan and great owners who are always accessible... what more could you ask for. I really feel like this is the company I have waited for. I have never been so excited." ~ Judy, TX

You want to base your family's future on a company that has established itself as one of stability and integrity. Scent-Sations, Inc. has been in business since 2002. And has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

This candle company has the distributor's best interest at heart. The owners were professional network marketers, so they understand what we need to build successful businesses. They are on our side.

Take a tour of Scent-Sations, Inc. corporate offices and manufacturing facilities with our CEO, Bob Scocozzo. We are a real company with real products made in the USA.


A Team with Incredible Training and Support!
We are the Light Your Dream Team

"THANK YOU for all the wonderful support I have received from you and the team. I do have to say, having tried a couple of other opportunities in the past, you and your team are TOPS in the way you support a new distributor. Everything indicates that you take this business SERIOUSLY and that you want your team members to SUCCEED from the start." ~ Greg, OH

Our team has developed many Exclusive Team Benefits that are made available to our business partners. Many of the business tools are at no cost to you. THIS is the reason that the Light Your Dream Team is one of the fastest growing teams in Scent-Sations, Inc. We know the importance of leveraging and duplication -- having a system in place. Therefore, we give freely of our knowledge, our time, and our resources. It doesn't mean anything if we have success, if we don't bring our business partners along with us.


An Established, Committed Leader!
I am Cathy Mahady

It is my personal desire to help you achieve your dreams — whatever they are. Teaching and mentoring my team is more important to me than building my own retail candle business. If you are serious about achieving, then my time is reserved for you. This is my commitment to you.

"I believe anyone who is considering joining your team would have to worry more about their own commitment to their business more than YOUR commitment to their business." ~ Tracey, TX

"Cathy is a real leader --- absolutely one of the best I've ever known, and I have complete faith in her and her abilities to train and support a new distributor. I do believe that is the reason we are experiencing such success." ~ Kathy Schneider, TX

I was honored with the achievement of becoming a Director in 2007 and a Scent-Sations, Inc. Top Ten Sponsor in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2014, and 2015. I say this so you know my commitment to my business, this company, and to the Light Your Dream Team. It's only important in expressing to you that I am serious about my desire to teach you to do the same.


The Right Time

Our three stories are in place now is the time to get involved with Scent-Sations, Inc. and the Light Your Dream Team. Watch this short video presentation of Charlie Umphred, VP of Marketing at Scent-Sations, Inc., at our Western Regional Conference in Las Vegas, as he talks about the new stage of growth that we are entering.


The BIGGEST Boom in Candles IS Natural Wax Candles!


1 - The Product
Mia Bella Candles

  • Candles are a product people really want and already buy

  • Candles are burned in 7 out of 10 homes in the U.S.

  • Highly consumable candles burn up and soap gets washed off daily

  • Candles are nearly a $3 billion dollar industry

  • $1 billion of that in the gourmet scented candle market

  • Clean burning alternative natural wax a new trend in an already well-established market

  • 80% of all purchases of our product are made by the end consumer, practically unheard of in the direct sales industry

  • Purchases are being made over and over again by people who have no interest in the business opportunity, they simply want the best gourmet products money can buy

  • Only 20% of company volume is a result of monthly autoshipments

  • True retail value we are not a wholesale consumption program

  • One of the highest retail profit margins offered 44-50% profit on our candle line

  • No need to educate the consumer on how to use a candle

  • Simple 'Smell and Sell' demonstration will put money in your pocket today

Statistics provided by VP of Marketing, 2007


2 - The Company
Scent-Sations, Inc.

  • Finished our seventh year in business as a strong and stable company with record growth

  • Debt-free company with an excellent credit rating

  • Growing at a rate of 45 - 50% a year

  • Increase in sales from $7 million in 2005 to $10 million in 2006 to $15 million in 2007 and again in 2008

  • Potential to reach $100 million in sales with brand name recognition

  • Company ownership consists of experienced master candle makers and highly successful network marketers

  • Management team allows for great flexibility and diversity by offering the ability and choice to earn money by Retailing, Fundraising, Developing Vendors and / or Team Building

  • Also allows for more choice by offering you the ability to market any and all of our lucrative product lines... only one autoship allows you to represent ALL lines

Statistics provided by VP of Marketing, 2007


3 - The Compensation Plan

  • Low, affordable monthly bundle of only $44.95 a month

  • Pays seven levels deep

  • 5-10% commission on the 1st level

  • 2-5% commission on levels 2 - 7

  • Car bonus program at the Diamond Director level

  • Incomes based upon true residual income and not just sign on bonuses

  • Steady, consistent paychecks

  • Low attrition rates

Statistics provided in our Compensation Plan


"Let me share with you that Mia Bella's Candles are the ONLY product that I've had such a positive response with and so have my new team partners. Some of them also have been in nutrition for years.

It's always been like pulling teeth to get people to take nutritional products, weight loss, etc. It's a drain on your energy! It just has not been fun to have to beat people over the head to take them and most of all to STAY on them.

At the end of every month, I had been sweating bullets to keep my qualifications and would have to order $400 worth of MORE product just to make sure I received all of my check. That's on TOP of my $200 autoship!

It's so great to finally have a product that people actually want and that we can actually make money on retailing. It's such a nice change, and I'm having FUN in my business again. I just can't tell you how happy I am!" Sue, TX


Scent-Sations, Inc. Mission is to provide an opportunity for a better life through unique, high-quality products, excellent compensation and business integrity.

Does this sound like something you are looking for? By now, I bet you are feeling like it IS... so let's get you started today!

Get Started


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