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Cathy Mahady, Mia Bellas Candle Director

Cathy Mahady
Team Leader and
Business Coach

Top Ten Sponsor

Minneapolis, MN

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Team Benefits -
Why Partner with the Light Your Dream Team of Mia Bella Candles


The Light Your Dream Team is one of the fastest growing and most successful teams in Scent-Sations, Inc. Why? We are told by people who join our team that they did their research and they can tell we are different.

We aren't gonna talk you into anything, there's no pressure from us. We understand your need to make the right decision for you and your family at the right time. It's not about us it's about you and what you need in your life.

But it is about what we can OFFER YOU in partnership with us. My partners and I have developed many exclusive Light Your Dream Team business tools that give the inexperienced business owner the chance to hit the ground running. There's NO trial and error just plug into our proven system. And for professional network marketers, isn't that what it is all about easy duplication for your downline.

People also tell us it's about the support and training they receive as a member of the Light Your Dream Team. This is apparent from the very beginning. Even before you make a commitment, I'll make a commitment to YOU.


"Thank you so much for everything you do Cathy. Honestly, I don't think I would be very far along if it wasn't for your vision. Sometimes when I think of all the tools you have provided me, there really is no way I couldn't succeed. How cool is that!!!

Really, I will never be able to express how grateful I am. I know how much I can see you have given to the team, and I am sure that is really just a fraction of all the thinking and work that goes into your ideas before I see the wonderful end product. It's like a fine wine. Or a great candle." ~ Kim, MN


Why should you join US --
is The Light Your Dream Team the Best in Mia Bella Candles;
what advantages do we offer?

1) In order to know if this is the right home business and the right team for you, we offer information right up front. We do that in the form of our team's comprehensive Candle Business eCourse. When you request a Candle Business Information Packet with a scent sample be sent to your home, you will receive this eCourse as a bonus.

After completing the Candle Business eCourse, people are ready to get started in their own home business because they can fully visualize themselves doing one of the MANY methods of money making described in the lessons. They are confident they will have the support of the Light Your Dream Team of Mia Bella Candles to carry out their goals.


2) Members of the Light Your Dream Team receive training on the use of a Splash Page for marketing their candle business. This has been an essential business tool for those members who do not have the desire or skills to create a personal website. And while the company website that comes with your Autoship membership is phenomenal, this Splash Page allows you to capture the information of your potential business partners, thus allowing you effective follow up.

"Each month I run an ad in the Business Opportunity classified section of a regional magazine. Most of my team members were introduced to this candle company by clicking into my Splash Page that is listed in the ad. I feel a great deal of comfort knowing that the Splash Page has already started the communicating and training for me. Leads indicate it is a non intimidating way to learn about the candle business opportunity."
~ Lynda, AL


3) You may know the benefits of choosing a Network Marketing career, but are you unsure of how to share that information with others? Another exclusive business tool developed by the Light Your Dream Team is our Residual Income Presentation that effectively explains how to earn an income working from home that will give you the financial freedom we all have craved. You simply send your possibility thinkers to this presentation.


4) We understand how time is limited these days with spouses, kids, jobs, and household responsibilities. It isn't easy to get on a live conference call to hear about the business opportunity. So we have created an Online Presentation to accompany our Candle Business eCourse. Simply have your possibility thinkers listen to the Online Video Presentation at their convenience.


5) Information, training, and support are KEY to success in any business venture. Thus, we have created a Team Specific Facebook Discussion Group where you can find immediate answers to your questions, seek support from experienced and talented candle distributors, and celebrate your successes with other team members.


6) Our members have access to the exclusive Light Your Dream Team Training Website and Resource Directory. Here you'll find training guides on Developing Your Business Plan, Building Your Business Online, Organizing Fundraisers, Hosting Online Parties, How to Be a Good Sponsor and a lot of materials that you can simply print off on your computer.

"I have great admiration for the work that has been put into making the Light Your Dream Team one of the finest teams we have in this business! A lot of thought went into each team tool from our informative Training Website to our exclusive Marketing System.

This is truly a team that CARES about it's members. It's THE reason when I decided it was 'my time' to get serious, I chose THIS team and Cathy Mahady and now I am a $10K Diamond Distributor. It's the support and the team business tools that made it easier for me to achieve my goals."
~ Jen, NE

7) If you are not so inclined to develop a personal website like this one, that's okay. You'll be able to sign up for our exclusive Business / Marketing System. Send your potential business partners to your replicating Marketing System Website to get the information they need.


8) Our Team Marketing System is a great tool for ease and duplication. However, if you wish to add a bit more personal touch to your online marketing strategy and you enjoy writing and connecting with others, we also can teach you how to develop Personalized Entry Pages and Blogs.


9) Key to success is a good Marketing Campaign and an effective Follow Up Program. Through the use of autoresponders we are able to offer you just that ... a system already in place with pre-written messages that you simply load into your own autoresponder system and you're ready to do business.


10) So you see now all the Business Tools that you will receive as a member of the Light Your Dream Team. But are you wondering how do you find those possibility thinkers and potential business partners to share the tools with? No problem, we have a team candle lead generation training that will bring very interested business seekers to you.

"I have tried 'other' advertising co-ops with another home business and because they were so expensive for just one share, I was only able to participate occasionally. But THIS system will be my source every month! I will be budgeting this expense every month! Awesome tool for building business!" ~ Susan, TX

11) And don't worry we'll show you how to use all the business tools in our Training Call and Webinars. Ask questions of business owners who are having success, listen to role play situations so that you may become comfortable in sharing the product and business opportunity yourself. Most training topics are recorded so you can attend at your convenience. Here's an example of the team training you can expect from me.


12) Not sure how to train your new business partners - no problem. Simply direct them to our Team Training and Resource Website that walks them through the Foundation and each subsequent step of building their business. In this business, partnerships form very quickly, it is not unusual to start building a team before you have gained much experience yourself. That is what the Light Your Dream TEAM is for. Let us help you mentor and coach your new partners.


13) Our Weekly Team Newsletter recaps important corporate and team information, highlights a training call or team business tool, as well as recognizes team and individual successes.


14) And in case you are a visual person, we also have a Team Photo Album that will show you various table setups for shows and booths, gift basket suggestions, pictures of team members, the corporate headquarters, and regional and national events.

"I love being a part of the Light Your Dream Team! Whether I am reading and learning from the Team Training Site, listening to recorded training calls, or reading / responding to the Facebook group posts -- I have a sense of camaraderie and team spirit that comes from working with wonderful people that I admire and enjoy.

When I have needed more, Cathy has always responded in a way that makes me feel valuable and important. Although she has a large team, she offers that personal touch that says, "You are special and you matter to me." ~ Brenda, MD

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